Your horse is even better than you think and we can prove it!

   What is your horse trying to tell you? All of the following are behaviors resulting from poorly designed saddles :

-Horse pins ear, wrings tail or tries to bite when you approach with the saddle or tighten the girth (almost always a saddle pain problem)
-Sore backs
- Irregular gaits
-Difficult transitions, bending, collection, flying changes
-Hollows back, resisting rounding and steady connection with the bit
-Rushing before or after he jumps or bucking on the landing
-Doesn’t track straight

 What I have to offer:
I am a Master Saddler Association (MSA) saddle fitter, specially trained in every detail and option of County Saddlery’s unique rider and horse soundness solutions. I will come to you and your horse with an extensive selection of saddles covering all models, seat sixes, tree sizes, colors and rider /horse options. I eliminate the hassle, expense and frustration of shipping saddles that do not work back and forth to tack shops.

What sets me apart?
As a MSA Saddle Fitter, I have completed an intensive training program including basic conformation, equine anatomy, gait and symmetry analysis, biomechanics, static and dynamic saddle fitting. With this knowledge, I can apply a scientific based static and dynamic fitting process to determine if a saddle properly fits the horses back. The idea is to fit your horse with a properly designed saddle before his health, performance and willingness are compromised.